Security for Luddites

Dear Family and Friends,

I know many of  you are still trying to figure out what I do for a living and that you don’t really understand my Twitter feed. Some of you are confused why I give you a hard time about your poor passwords or the fact that you forgot to use BCC in an email. Let’s just say I have your best interests at heart when I take the time to alert you about a serious security vulnerability. If I take the time to let you know about some new nastiness making the Internet a dangerous place, please update. #Include <long-winded technical explanation about SOP violation, RCE, etc…>.  I care about you and know that you don’t have the time or energy to keep up with the machinations of the black hat community. Just know that it’s bad and I’ll feel terrible if your Gmail account gets hacked. Mostly, because telling friends their accounts have been hacked feels like telling them someone ran over their dog.

Your Favorite Nerd,

Mrs. Y.

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